when u aliens com to mojave and give u hte alien blaster

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Maria for usuallythemedic

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i spy by xCountingBodiesx

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i just really like him

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It’s been nearly ten years since I last made a ref sheet for any of my characters. I think. There might be one I forgot about over the years.

Anyway, Dimi’s is the most complete to-date, now. I was inspired to do one of these after seeing Galoogamelady’s dress up sheets. I really needed to get something like this done, for Dimi especially; I don’t have a lot of good refs of her outfits, and I wanted to do a pic that shows off her build.

But man, it felt so good to ink something. I was definitely in that groove over the last two days; I hope it sticks around *u*

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Tranquility Lane

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